Monday, 9 November 2009

නංගිගෙන් තවත් ලියුමක්..!

I downloaded the font. I really like what you have written on your blog.

I really enjoyed reading what you had written on the 'Parasatu mal'. It was very very nostalgic. When I was reading the one on 'Naribena', I remembered how I sang a Naribena song with Piyarathna Mama when we were coming to dinner at your place!

My friends are going back to their own countries next week. I am already sad.
I can't picture the hostel without them.

To me India is to go on a scooter or in a bus listening to Tamil songs, to drink chaii from a Kade like that of Premadasa Baas and to have a chat. I go to a French bakery and do reading there with an American guy. I learn a lot about the country through these chats. It is somewhat nice to talk to the guy who lives at Auroville. I thought of staying at a farm next year for two weeks at Auroville. It would be a nice experience.

I bought you a 2010 calendar with Moghul paintings. I bought one for myself. It has Indian paintings too.

I go to see the dramas by the students here. They are really talented. One is a Jaffna Tamil guy. I have made friends with him. I bought two CDs today on the Indian instrumental music. I wish I could be a billionaire when I see the books and the CDs. Another thing I have noticed here is that the Americans and the French do read so much than the Asians who read only books for their subjects.

I haven't bought clothes from here yet except for one Pattiyala pants which I bought for a good prize through my Yoga teacher who took me shopping. My semester end exam will start from next week.

I clean my bathroom, room and bring tea for my roommate when she is studying. I share everything I have. I give my fruits to the non Asians when they are sick and make them Jasmine tea whenever I make them. So I get the same in return and I am appreciated for what I do which I have never seen in Asians.

I constantly compare and contrast the Asians and Westerners in my mind. Also the French guy said they would be more racist when they leave this country. It is true because the Asians steal and use what is in the fridge. They never thank or are polite. They are really rude and Tamil students are very violent. They become very aggressive in the class and in presentations.

I have never been racist but I feel as if I sound one now.

I enjoy walking alone and to talk to the street vendors. I feel as if I am in Jaffna. I love old Tamil people in white sarongs who look decent. I love it even more to see how they react when I say I am from Sri Lanka. They smile so broadly when I say it.

The CD I bought is a mixture of Veena, Santoor and Flute. My dancing teacher is one of the best teachers here. He sings so nicely. He is really superb. I am learning to dance to worship Sun God these days. I haven't studied yet for the semester end exam. It is the first time in my life I haven't yet studied for an exam.

Looking forward to hear from you,


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